Sunday, November 26, 2006


Sorry for my post weekend delay, but I was plagued by the same intestinal
virus that floored my girlfriend a few weeks ago, landing me
an all expenses paid vacation with IV and all the amenities at the
Moncton City Hospital. Without getting into graphic details, let's
just say I was New Orleans, and the levees busted.

Anyway, I have to give my props to my main man Ace, who gave
me a shout-out over at his witty and illuminating site, where
he waxes blog-style, about everything from poker to politics, to

A point of contention regarding Ace's Zombie post. Ace
refers to the fast moving flesh eating creatures in Danny
Boyle's '28 Days Later' as Zombies, when in fact, they're
actually infected with the "rage virus", as apposed to being
members of the walking dead. So there more like Michael Richards,
as apposed to the new Democratic controlled house and senate.



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