Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weekend Update

Oy! Barely a week after the midterm elections and Nancy Pelosi
and the Democrats are already imploding. Pelosi, who the media
likes the refer to as a doting grandmother, but who more closely
resembles a mildly retarded, angry feminist cyborg, had her top
pick for Majority leader John Murtha, handily rejected by her
party - opting instead to vote for her personal nemesis Steny Hoyer,
who trounced Murtha by a vote of 149 to 86. It was amusing to see
Pelosi try and keep her composure under the glare of the media lights,
especially given the fact that she hates Steny Hoyer, the way Skelator
hates Heman. Her fake smile made her look like a Mary Kay agent,
who showed up drunk in the lobby of a hotel. This is what happens
when you vote for Democrats. It's bad for the country, but great
for my blog!

Anyway, I'm off to the Saint Andrew's for the weekend, so
you'll have to peruse through the nifty archive on the top right
hand corner of the page, if you need your daily fix of the Straight
Hype - heroin for the conservative-libertarian in all of you!

Trivia for the Week...

The Straight Hype was once a web site that was rated one of the
top 10 conservative web sites in North America. What was its
original name?

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