Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weekend Update Time

Well another weekend has come and gone as we continue our womb
to tomb full tilt boogie to the rapture. What a week! Michael
Richards went on a racist tirade, stopping just short of doing
a black face skit, and singing Jimmy Crack Corn. Jim Webb, the
supposed "Democratic Southern Gentleman", made a complete,
undignified ass of himself at a White House Reception, and
the Democratic party continues to implode as another of Nancy
Pelosi's picks of the week got kicked to the curb.

It appears that Mizz Pelosi is so punch drunk with power, and possibly
cheap malt liquor, that she deluded herself into believing that the
public would overlook the fact that her nominee to head the House
Select Committee on Intelligence, Alcee Hastings, was impeached,
disbarred, and removed from the bench, for among other things, accepting
a $120,000 bribe that eventually led to 21 racketeering indictments.
Pelosi and the press tried to play the race card, but to little effect
given the scope of Hastings' misdeeds, and the sheer size of his waste.
(I'm told other smaller House members sometimes orbit around his hemispheric
mid section.)

Anyway I might as well end this with the strangest thing I overheard today;

"We had 4 dogs and a cat. My husband was mad because we had too many
pets, but the dogs ate the cat, so they kind of took care of the problem
for me"



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