Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mid Term Malaise

Tuesday's mid term election was a lot of things, but it
certainly was not an endorsement of the
Democratic party, nor was it a carte-blanche mandate, for Nancy Pelosi's
extreme left wing agenda. A closer look at how Americans voted on
various ballot initiatives, as well as the social and fiscal
conservative leanings of the candidates they chose, show that
the Democratic leadership would be ill advised to misread the

Without a doubt, Iraq came into play, but not to the extent, or the
way in which pundits would have you believe. Democrats simply enjoyed
a strange anomaly of the American electoral system called the 6 year itch.

Since 1934, during the 6th year of a two term presidency, the opposite
party has always picked up congressional seats. The exception being
the second year of Bill Clinton's presidency, when Democrats got
whacked like a tardy Japanese housewife.

There are a myriad of reasons why Republicans have found themselves
in the current situation of being the minority party in both houses,
but the 2000 pound elephant in the room that sycophantic pundits are
too blind to see, is that somewhere along the line, Republican's just
stopped being Republicans.

The American electorate have always been predominately conservative,
and the Republican leadership has offered nothing over the last 8 years
but run away pork spending, soft leadership on social issues, and backstabbing
the administration when the war began to go south. Tuesday was the political
version of jury nullification. A not so gentle reminder to Republicans
that the conservative revolution that was set into motion by Newt Gingrich
almost a decade ago has fallen off the track.

There are many lessons to be learned down at the RNC over the next
two years, the question is, is anyone listening.



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