Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Want My Say Joe!!!

We finally have lift off of our comment section, with several Hype readers,
already weighing in. The new blogger format offers a lot of new features.
(no, there still is no free salad bar)

One of the features is comment moderation, as even I maintain some
degree of proper taste, and etiquette. You may have to wait a bit before your comment can be seen as it must first be checked for appropriateness, excessive profanity, and lice. (just like John Murtha).

By no means is this some jack-booted attempt to strangle your freedom of
expression, and I intend to leave most posts unedited. The only concern
I have is some wing-nut sprouting racist or anti-Semitic ranting that could offend

So feel free to question, challenge, or confront any of my blog posts. Be forewarned.
If you want to tango with me, you better be equal to the enterprise.



Happy Blogging.