Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bow Wowser!!!

Now I know all you global, pan-enthnicity layabouts get your Birkenstocks
in a knot every time I wax on about the moral superiority of Western
culture, or how capitalism is the only real moral vehicle to promote
democracy and freedom to the those living under the jackboots of the
leviathan state around the world. A recent AP story, however, may have
you thinking twice before taking Fido on your next world tour.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently rebuffed a second effort
by the South Korean government to import thousands of cans of dog meat
(yes, dog meat) for sale on the Canadian market. Now if the idea of canine
in a can isn't revolting enough in itself, vendors at the last World Cup
were reported to have sold thousands of cans of "Dog Meat Juice" to thirsty
soccer Hooligans who lapped up the stuff like citrus Gatorade.

Who the hell would market a dog-based sports drink?

"Canine Aide - Unleash the Power"

Ick. Anyway, Canadian officials were reluctant to point out there
is technically no law preventing this crap from being imported.
Maybe they can give a free tin away with every case of Budweiser.

Both are unfit for human consumption.



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