Monday, November 13, 2006


Many of my readers have been asking where the reader mail
section is, and well, the answer is a little complicated.

I conscientiously read all of my emails and respond to all questions
and comments in a timely and courteous manner. My readers are important
to me. They are the lifeblood of this organ. Without you, the Hype would
be just another dot-com cargo cult in the wasteland of cyberspace. But
somewhere, in between your family outing to the monster truck pull and
your appearance on Judge Judy, you email my blog and pollute my inbox
with the noisy static that crams up the inner workings of your brain.

Admittedly, I am a bit of an intellectual tricotteuse. It's one thing to
give slaps to liberals, paleo-liberals, and rabid Jacobites, but some of
you somehow manage to fall outside of the ice-cold grip of stereotype.

You are the people who think music hit its apex when Lynard Skynard
recorded "Sweet home Alabama". The kind of folks who declare they'll never
visit "Effigy" because it seems someone's always getting hung there. You
know who you are. You buy generic soda pop, and own a copy of "Wrestle
Mania III". You think the West reached an all-new cultural plateau when
Garth Brooks broke the mould by tearing down the walls between country
and rock, spawning the insipid "Country Rock" genre.

Now, before you all grab rag torches and drag me out of my house in the
middle of the night, let me be clear that reader mail, as my old fans
remember, is not a place where I pat my loyal readers on the backs.
My readers are always quick to send kind words and comments every day.
Reader mail is where I disembowel people who make the mistake of whipping
off poorly worded emails laced with insults, and infantile pseudo-Trotskyite

Anyway, the site is picking up steam, and running fast - like Rosie
O'Donnell trying to get the last chicken wing at the all you can eat

Please be patient.



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