Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Honor, A History

James Bowman once wrote that;

"the word “honor” rarely makes an appearance in the movies when it is not mere hypocrisy, a cover for vice and wickedness"

The subject so fascinated Mr. Bowman that he has spent the last 5 years working on an impressive tome that chronicles the history of honor in our society, and the impact of living in a post-honor society. The book is available through Encounter Books, and can be purchased by clicking the link below:

I have had the privilege of corresponding with Mr. Bowman throughout the years, and I must tell you the guy is one smart cookie. He can probably crack walnuts just by looking at them, using nothing but sheer brain power.

The book has been met by rave reviews from National Review Online to the Wall Street Journal, and is definitely Straight Hype approved! The book makes a great present in time for Christmas, or festivus, or insert miscellaneous politically correct late december holiday here.



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