Monday, October 16, 2006

Gimme the Straight Hype, Joe!

As Denis Leary once quipped, "Some laugh, others need an explanation". The Straight Hype is the new incarnation of what used to be the highly trafficked Web site "The Rant". The Rant closed down its doors several years ago after it became cost prohibitive, and my web master went insane drinking cough syrup and watching Pauly Shore movies, looking for hidden Keynesian references in the dialogue (he didn't find any, but he was last seen eating cold Spaghetti out of the can, and wearing Ritz cracker boxes on his feet).

Seriously, The Straight Hype is a blend of humour, thoughtful commentary, and opinion on political and social issues. The Straight Hype is a conservative blog, with a libertarian twist - which means that I am generally socially and fiscally conservative, but also love South Park and fart jokes. I hope that you find this site informative and entertaining. At times, it may seem like I've spent too much time drinking Jolt Cola and driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile - what can I say? All work and no play makes you crazier than Al Gore at a petting zoo (not that all Gore needs other stimuli to make him any crazier).

I promise this will be the last time I explain what this blog is to our new readers, and will refrain from apologizing for my recent absence to my regular fans.




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