Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hallo-Weenies - How the Green Police Stole Halloween

Halloween. The modern day celebration of All Hallows' Eve. The night preceding the Christian Feast day, 'All Saint's Day'. It's a time for carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and if our kooky friends from the environmentalist movement are to be believed,


I remember the Halloween warning tips that I used to get as a kid. They were the usual, practical tips. Shopper's Drug Mart and Zellers used to stuff them in Mom's bag when she went shopping. They told her to check all treats, wear bright coloured clothing, and avoid drinking any juices that had names like urine-aide. (well, I made the last one up). But seeing that all our treasured holiday's have been commandeered by the Enviro-Zeitgeist, they just can't restrain themselves from using scare tactics to needlessly frighten parents about the supposedly ghoulish chemicals found in children's Halloween make-up.

The usual suspects behind the Halloween horror, are of course, or friends from the "The Green Guide Institute", whose executive board likes to pony up hefty political contributions to wacky Democrats like John Edwards. You remember him. The guy who said that Christopher Reeves would be walking today if John Kerry were President?

They drag out the same old boogiemen, the chemicals found in face make-up such as Phthalates, Parabens, and a few others they claim can cause all kinds of horrible things, like cancer and sterility. Of course they never quote all the studies that show this is absolute nonsense. They cherry-pick the data, until they come across some dubious study done on rats, and use it proof that using Halloween make-up is tantamount to child abuse. Let me re-assure you, every study shows that young children that were exposed to extremely high levels of these chemicals as children, showed absolutely no signs of health problems 20 years later. It's enviro scare-mongering, pure and simple.

Anyway, by the time you get this Halloween will be done and over The kids are nursing a massive belly ache, from their Greco-Roman orgy of sugar intake, and you're likely in no better shape after your office Halloween party.

I guess the lesson here is that, it's people's business if they want to be, "friends of the environment". The trouble comes when they make all kinds of fantastical claims about the products you use in your everyday life. Environmentalists are a lot like politicians. If you want to see if they're lying, just check if their lips are moving.



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