Thursday, January 29, 2004


Ok, first off, what the hell is Dennis Kucinich, anyway? Christ, if you could genetically splice the DNA of Prince Charles and Gilligan from the old TV series, I'm pretty sure the result would look something like him. My GOD, talk about getting the short end of the stick in the gene pool. He kind of reminds me of the character Sean Penn played in "I Am Sam". Half way through the debate I almost expected him to say "Yeah, double latte, excellent choice sir, that's a very good choice."

And Dean, Lord almighty, the man needs a Ritalin or a Valium the size of a hub cap. He sounded like a donkey on crack - "YEEEEARRRRRRRRRG....YEEEAAARRRRRRG." How many kids who stayed up past their bed time with mom dad are going to have nightmares for the next month with that man's bizarre howl haunting their sleep?

"Mommy, can I sleep with you and dad tonight? I think that the donkey man is in my closet, and he's going to come out and scream 'YEEEAAAARRRRRGGGGG!' Is it true he's coming to our state mom? He said so when he was screaming. He screamed he was going to come here. Please don't let him come here mommy!!"