Friday, January 30, 2004

Kerry-Liberal War Hawk

What's the appeal of John Kerry? He kind of looks like a cross between K.D. Lang and Dick Clark. I guess he's got a sort of digruntled, ex-vet, lesbian thing going on for him. I can never quite grasp this liberal war-hawk position. Really. They say, "Yeah, we supported the war, and still do, but we feel betrayed and misled."

Who the hell cares? Isn't that kind of like a 5 year old child whining in the back seat of the Volvo about how "I DON'T CARE IF YOU BROUGHT ME TO BURGER KING!! YOU SAID WE WOULD BE GOING TO THE OTHER BURGER KING!!!"

Ok kid, listen. You got your damn Whopper Jr kids combo. You wanted the damn Whopper Jr kids combo, so who the hell cares where we bought it? If you wanted it so much, why don't you just eat it and shut the hell up?