Thursday, January 29, 2004

Me Oh Mya Lobsta Gumbo!!!!

I sat next to a guy on the bus up to Bathurst. He owns a seafood restaurant about 20 kilometers outside of Charlottetown that specializes in Gumbo dishes and Kayak tours. He seemed somewhat perplexed as to why spicy Lobster Gumbo followed by hours of treacherous water sports has failed to catch on amongst the jet-set crowd. He also seemed to have a bizarre aversion to the technological marvel called Kleenex, as he was coughing and hacking constantly like a SARS patient on a flight from Hong Kong. Rather than cover his mouth, he let his violent sneezes forcefully erupt from his nasal passages, leaving a fine mist of spit and snot lingering in the air like spooky graveyard fog in a horror movie. Given his fondness for sampling the delicacies he was constantly extracting from his nose, I would suggest that you avoid Paddler’s Pub at all costs during your next trip to the Island (he proudly confided that he does all the cooking, and I am not exaggerating when I say that Saddam Hussein’s fingerails were probably in better shape than this guy's when they hauled him out of that rat hole in Tikrit).