Friday, January 30, 2004

Ooga Booga

I'm tired, because I finally gave in and stayed up late to watch the first Harry Potter movie, which is just slightly shorter in length than the entire Godfather trilogy. Now, I always considered the claims about Harry Potter having Satanic undertones to be nothing more than the silly rantings of ultra religious fanatics until I actually saw this movie.

The kid lives in closet marked 7-13, and within 20 minutes of the movie he's already started talking to giant snakes. Oh yeah, and he laughs gleefully at the misfortunes of others, like when he uses his magic ooga-booga powers to trap his cousin in a glass cage with the giant snake he likes to talk to. Little Harry constantly has this perplexed little grin on his face that makes him look a ten year old who just smoked a big fat bag of weed.

Granted, the movie is visually stunning, and lots of fun to watch. Go rent it if Memento is already out. Hell, just rent Gladiator again instead. MAXIMUS! MAXIMUS!! MAXIMUS!!!!