Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weekend Ahoy!!!

Cén chaoi 'bhfuil tú everyone!?! Just a couple of quick items before we jump in and tread the cyber waters. A person or persons unknown have started a site with a similar name selling "Straight Hype" T-shirts. There is no explanation given as to what the group's aim is, or if they have any grander purpose than to sell one style of T-shirt. This site is in no way affiliated with mine, and I would like to remind everyone of the dangers of buying anything from a site that is not well recognized or lacks security features. Keep your credit cards in your wallet. We are not into any sort of merchandising as of yet - although these beef jerky business cards sound like a promising start.

It's time for blogging by numbers.

1- I have a couple of quarter century old Archie comic digests I keep around for commode related purposes, and one of the issues promises "action to the max". This promise is juxtaposed by Arch and the gang having a leisurely outdoor picnic. To be fair, Jughead is complaining about how while a winter picnic may be pest-free, there are still far too many girls around, which could lead to some tension back at Pop Tate's later on. For the record, Jughead is supposed to be a teenager in his sexual prime, but is almost phobic about woman. You get where I'm going with this? (Expressions like "action to the max" qualify as what Claire and I refer to as "soul pain".)

2 - President Obama is promising some big ol' budget cuts as a form of anesthetic to conservatives before he appoints what is sure to be a radical liberal judge to fill the vacancy soon to be left by departing judicial activist Justice David Souter. The problem is this - when you crunch the numbers, the cuts only shave off .5% of his monstrous $700 billion spending bill. Cutting back spending, no matter how small or large, is not a spending cut - it's a decrease of an increase. In this case, a very, very small decrease. Hold on to your wallets.

3 - In our continuing effort to trudge screaming all the way into this brave new world, we are pleased to announce that "The Straight Hype" is now on Facebook. The fan club was created by our glue sniffing web master, the esteemed Paul Leger. You may join by clicking the following link.

4 -Chris Branch, a high school friend of mine, passed away this weekend. He was a spirited young man who loved the outdoors. Our prayers go to his family and friends.

5 - Anyway, have a great weekend and groove out to the sounds of Doc John.


PS - We are working on the problem with the Facebook link. Some have had success by searching for "The Straight Hype" in the upper right hand corner of their Facebook home page. We hope to have this resolved soon.

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