Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Change!!

First things first. The site looks the same as it did before I announced - with much aplomb - the possibility of a newer looking, more interactive site. After much consultation with my staff the vote was tied by a technicality, and the deciding vote was left to me, as this has been my wash pot for over a decade in one incarnation or another. My choice was to keep the site the way it is. As a libertoid conservative who lives by the axioms that there's nothing new under the sun, you can't feed a starving bear cotton candy, and a prostitute can't tell the cops anything if you stick her in a suitcase and throw her over a bridge, I held steadfast against the fickle mistress of "change".

Everyone is peddling change these days, and you can argue that it started from the top down (the office of the POTUS) or from the bottom up (the dirty Chicago cast of characters who ran the daily in and outs of then Senator Obama's campaign). Either way, it spread like locusts - soft drinks, car dealerships, even the major new networks were rallying around the banner of change, as if they ever needed to make honest ladies of themselves. I get an eerie feeling that there are Trotskyites in the basement when a product like Pepsi revamps its image by updating its slogan to "change" and morphing its graphic icon to more closely resemble that of the President's campaign emblem.

Not to suggest that my webmaster is a closet new-New Dealer with an Obama '08 bumper sticker on his car. To the contrary, his last ditch effort to sell his new format was an attempt to appeal to the free market spirit in me, proposing that their was a slim chance that the site could generate revenue through ads - regrettably, "slim" was an understatement.

Paul's mock-up site showed some admirable work, but after much deliberation, Claire and I decided that "The Straight Hype" would remain a plain jane, content-driven site. People come for meat and potatoes, and that's what we want to keep giving them, until forced to abandon our current template by our service provider.

More to come, as the fancy catches me. Enjoy the sounds of Blue October as you cruise into the weekend.



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