Friday, May 15, 2009

The French Connection

Sorry for the misleadingly sexy title, there are no grand events to wax philosophically on today, French or otherwise. There will be no blogging by numbers this weekend - at least until the end of the weekend - due to a family re-union.

One matter of note which may be of interest to my loyal readers is that my web-master, the esteemed Mr. Paul Leger of The Saint John Seadogs fame, is going to pitch a format change to Claire and I tomorrow afternoon, which he assures me will greatly improve the look of the site, allow for more content such as a by-line for updates from our links, an improved layout, and a section to show case any books I'm currently reading. I like the classic style we're presently using, but Paul is adamant that the change is needed for aesthetic (among other) reasons. Please email me at and let me know if you are aching for a new look or like the current format.

Have a great weekend everyone. On deck, a review of James Bowman's Media Madness, and some dirt on what Pelosi knew from inside the beltway.

Here's some Louis Prima to put the finish on your Friday!



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