Friday, May 01, 2009

The First 100 Days...Who Cares?

There's much ado in the media over President Obama's "First Hundred Days". The media has an almost creepy obsession with anniversaries. They love anniversaries the way parents love to put a gold star on a poster every time little Jimmy makes poopy, or the way Ted Kennedy loves to snort cocaine off the backs of strippers. Like their annual Watergate obsession, this is another event I am refraining from wading too deep in.

I believe this whole nonsense started with FDR, another unapologetic socialist, but at least FDR was a guy who had a solid enough brass set to throw down the gauntlet after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. MSNBC loves to constantly remind us that they believe Obama is Roosevelt incarnate. Their resident pod personalities like Keith Olbermann love to slam the former administration for all sorts of imaginary "war crimes" like enhanced airport screening, but conveniently forget to mention FDR's unlawful rounding up and detainment of 120,000 Japanese-American citizens from the Pacific Coast.

I tried to watch some of the news coverage on this 100 day nonsense, and immediately switched the channel after hearing a CNN reporter say "It's like....I don't know what to say. It's like he was born to do this job."

CLICK! It was game over for me at that point. There was a time when many conservatives, like John Stossel and Bill O'Reilly, believed that CNN were just naively blind to their own biases - kind of like how some people don't realize their favourite pair of low rider jeans don't look the way they did 40 pounds ago.

There can be no such delusion anymore. CNN as a whole (with the exception of Sanjay Gupta - the coolest dude on earth) have started to slime their way over to MSNBC's side of the gutter. Anderson Cooper's snarky new attitude combined with the Tea Party fiasco leaves little doubt that the media is grossly underestimating the ground swell of conservative backlash that will come to haunt Pelosi and company in 2010. It seems the only person in the MSM who has not competely taken leave of his senses is Chris Matthews, who has apparently lost that "tingly feeling" and is launching stinging attacks on the President.

Where was I going with this...I forget. Too much wedding and family stuff on the go lately. Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the sounds of the young and very talented Sondre Lerche.



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