Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Last Word on The Coop

It seems that there is nothing I can say to change the minds of
the pseudo-intellectual sycophants that worship at the alter
of the sainted Mr. Cooper.

They find it "laughable" that I don't consider the anchor of
the lowest rated news show in its time slot to be a serious journalist.

They seem unfazed that he would have the audacity to
tell the public that babies were being raped in the Superdome,
without checking his sources. They seem to think
he still has credibility after repeatedly telling the nation
On Jan 3rd, 2006, that all 12 miners trapped in the Sago
mine had survived based solely on the testimony of a
crazed lady, playing with the emotions of millions of
viewers who were watching. He didn't bother to verify
the information with a single official source.

I hold myself to higher standard of journalism, and
I hardly think that spending a week in Iraq posing
in designer cargo shorts, asking inane and simplistic
questions, and one point, being unable to tell
the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite, as
hard hitting journalism.
Perhaps his fan club could explain his exemption
from basic journalistic standards without pointing
the finger at CNN or other networks, but I doubt
they have intellectual fire power to do so. Their
choice in nightly news is proof enough.

It's probably the reason why they never comment
when something is posted on the economy, Korea,
the Libby trial, the border dispute, or the Iowa
straw poll. However when I write about a vapid
anchorman with very important hair, they break
out into a mad frenzy on their laptops. Maybe they'll
comment on something substantive eventually. I'm
sure Anderson will tell them what to think.


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