Sunday, September 23, 2007


What a week! Anderson Cooper who cares so much about the suffering
of those in New Orleans and Iraq has decided to show his dedication to
"keeping them honest", by devoting his inane, nightly fluff-cast to the latest
OJ Simpson fiasco. It appears the Juice flipped out in a Las Vegas motel
room, under the belief that his one time associates, were trying to rip off
his sports memorabilia. Now, I'm not the sharpest nail in the box, but
I think it's generally a good life strategy not to piss off a double murderer,
while in the confines of a small hotel room. I'm sure the poor people
still reeling from the effects of Katrina are happy that Mr Cooper is
is on top of OJ's legal battles.

In other news,
the armless man from Georgia who head-butted a man to
death during a fight over a lady friend, will not be charged with manslaughter.
Perhaps the issue of how they would handcuff him, may have played
a roll in their decision.

Anyway, spent a great weekend at the cottage sleeping, eating, reading
and doing crossword puzzles with the love of my life Claire. Best weekend
ever! Hope your own was as fantastic as mine!




Anonymous said...

Why single out Anderson Cooper (who clearly didn't want to be covering OJ) when practically all the news channels were doing the same thing? His name may be on the show, but he still has to do what the big bosses at CNN say.

Anonymous said...

I doubt you'd find many people of New Orleans who much care about whether Cooper spends an hour here or there talking about OJ - they're just grateful to have a newsperson who repeatedly brings the Katrina recovery story to the public's attention. How exactly do you think Cooper could stay on air telling his unpopular social justice stories if he doesn't sometimes cover the popular topics too?