Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend Update

First off, sorry for the formatting on the Tenet post. I've tried just about
everything, and I can't get it to format correctly. I'm sure there's a way,
but I am mildly retarded, and easily distracted by bright lights - so I hope
you'll forgive the soupy mess, and appreciate the content.

My main concern when I wrote about Tenet, was that the post might come off
as a criticism of the war, the administration, or worse, some sort of defence
of that sniveling little rat, Richard Perle. If you got that impression, my apologies.
Tenet's intelligence reports, and his recent distancing from those reports, were
one of many factors that prompted the United States to liberate Iraq, and though
their validity has come into question, it in no way, delegitimized the war, or the grounds
on which it was launched. Tenet is a baffoon, and a disengenuous carnival barker.

Anyway, I'm going to be away from the hub city for the weekend, so I'm not sure
if I'll be posting.

Just a reminder that my hotmail account is no longer in service and all correspondence
should now be directed to my secondary account -

Have a good weekend, and remember, bookmark The Straight Hype and send
it to all your friends. Bring it up during conversation, write it on cocktail napkins!
Hell, approach complete strangers in the mall and shout out the URL to them
until they promise to mass email it to all their relatives.

Take care and God bless.

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