Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh Joe, What Hath Thou Done

Did you ever tell your 6 year old not to touch the flashing button on the
VCR, but the little brat does it anyway, despite warnings of a time out,
or a royal flogging. Well, the mess you now find my blog in, is a result of
the same syndrome, after one simple click of a button that promised to
spruce up the site with some good old fashioned, jazz hands, razzle-dazzle.
What I got was an irreparable, post-apocalyptic formatting wreckage. I've tried
everything, even manually editing my old posts, and they still come up looking like
pages from the uni bomber manifesto. I'm trying everything, so be patient, and
hopefully, someone who has permission to use sharp scissors and can leave the house
without a chaperon will be able to save me.

My girlfriend, so I hear, in an attempt to showcase my writing to her sister,
typed in my blog, and was confronted by this visual eye sore. My apologies to
any first time visitors. Please don't leave with the impression that conservatives
can't do technology. We can. It just shouldn't be left in the hands of someone
like me.

Anyway, on deck, I'm planning to take on CNN's Iraq correspondent Peter Ford,
who also doubles as a writer for Christian Science Monitor. As left leaning as
CNN is, I can't understand how they can continue to employ this fellow, and keep
a straight face. He's essentially an anti-war blogger with microphone, who uses
his allotted time to slip in his sniveling anti-American rubbish. But, we'll deal
with our dear friend Peter another time.

Again, have a wonderful weekend.
UPDATE: Since this post, I have managed to fix our formatting problems,
proving once again that I am the Forrest Gump of computing.



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