Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Obama-Clinton Two-Step

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Anyway, back to the important stuff.
Curious how to the two top dogs in the Democratic presidential show down
were on the stump, promising that they would not cut off funding to the
troops, and then turned around and did just that, voting against their
own party, and showing the height of disregard for the safety of the men and woman in uniform serving in Iraq.
On Jan 17th, Senator Clinton said
"I am not going to cut American troops' funding...they're in harm's way".
But that's exactly what she did.

Senator Obama made similar overtures, only to turn around and vote
no as well.

Both made highly staged, last minute appearances in the senate chamber
to milk as much drama as possible. Their irresponsibility only eclipsed by
their desire for political showmanship, to pander to the extreme left of
the party.

Even as an outside observer, it sounded smart. Swing hard left in time for
the primaries, then pull to the center in the general election...but the move
seems to have backfired. Even Cindy Sheehan, who has become the centrifuge
and spokesperson for opposition to the war, officially announced this morning
that she was breaking ranks with the Democratic party.
And the political cross-fire is not only coming from Republicans. In a statement
today, Democratic Senator, Joe Biden, who supported the funding, criticized both

“As long as there are troops who are in a position where, if we don’t fund them they are going
to be hurt, I’m not going to cut off funding,” Biden said during a meeting with Des Moines
Register editors and reporters “That’s what the other candidates said too, but they changed their mind.”

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