Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Hype is Ripe

As many of my old school readers know, (those who have been reading
The Straight Hype in its various incarnations since 1999), I will do anything
to promote the site. Call me a literary prostitute of sorts, willing to strut the
junk in my trunk on any cyber corner, for those sweet, sweet web hits.

Now when I say "promote", I mean "step right up, little lady", carnival barking,
and not selling out my political beliefs or integrity - though I am guilty of having
said some highly inflammatory things. (those of you may remember the fire storm
I created in Halifax, when I referred to the Andrea Yates, quintuple infanticide as
"Bob for the apple medieval style").

That being said, call it fate, providence, happenstance, or just dumb good look,
the The Straight Hype has been picking up steam. We were briefly listed in Google's
"Blogs of Note", and we were linked by Technorati for our mentions of James Bowman's
new book. We've also received some great links and favorable words from some of the
bigger fish in the blog pond, like Ace Smith over at Idle Ruminations.
What does this all mean? The beginning of the rapture? Well, not quite, but
it does mean that we are slowly, but surely becoming a mid-sized fish in the

Now, curious as may seem, as I have dissected many of today's salient issues,
such as the liberation of Iraq, the North Korean threat, and George Tenet's new
book, I never thought that a post about a man who slept with a goat would suddenly
make us everyones hot link. First off, it's the only post in the entire blog that I actually
didn't write myself. Second, it's about a guy who partakes in the love that dare
not speak it's name with a farm animal, and is later forced by a court to marry the
goat - a goat who shortly after the alleged incident took place, gives birth to a kidd
(the goat later wandered off into the village and choked to death on a plastic bag).
What does all this mean? If it's true that a society can best be judged by how it
entertains itself, well, then I guess it means that deep down inside, in the places
we don't like to talk about, we like stories about drunk guys who do unspeakable
things to goats in the middle of the night. (shudder)
Don't get used to it. This is an off the cuff, quasi-political/personal journal site. So
if you want more man and beast lovin' - you'll have to google it and have a credit card

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