Friday, June 05, 2009

Say Goodbye To Hollywood - Blogging By Numbers!!!

A little less than two decades ago, Quentin Tarantino introduced a bold and fresh new style of cinema with the release of his second directorial outing, Pulp Fiction. It was fresh, gripping, and wonderfully irreverent. Since then, the Tarantino genre has spawned countless imitators, and at times it seems Tarantino knock-off films are the only thing playing at the cinema. His success, however, came with an unfortunate consequence; The death of the very element that drives a film - plot. If the new Star Trek film is any indication, the only things needed to ensure a box office windfall are audio/visual wizardry, clever dialogue, and (perhaps not in this case) gratuitous violence.

Were it not for directors like Guy Ritchie and the success of independent cinema, it would seem plot has become at best an afterthought, and at worst, a nuisance to be dealt with in order to keep the one-liners and big old 'splosions rolling. So what does this tell us about the future of cinema? I don't know, but it's Blogging By Numbers Time!!!!
1- For those of you who are fans of insightful conservatism with unmatched wit, NRO's Jay Nordlinger is your man. From the Sotomayor debacle to the joys of Manhattan, there's no one out there that does it better than Mr. Nordlinger. His latest book, Here, There, and Everywhere, is a must have for your library, and can be purchased via the link above.

2- Speaking of the death of cinema and plot, one sure remedy to cure a Star Trek hang-over is Darren Aronofsky's wonderful Academy award nominated film, The Wrestler. It is a gripping, heart wrenching, touching, and oddly inspirational film. Mickey Rourke delivers a round-house performance and it's a Hype must-see.

3 - Remember when I announced a few blogs ago that President Obama's contrived hawkishness was simply a ruse to anaesthetise conservatives while he waited to appoint a liberal activist judge to the Supreme court? Well, wait no longer, because Sonia Sotomayor is in the proverbial house. The openly activist judge who has been described by her colleagues as lacking depth and maturity is already showing the hallmarks of an Obama nominee in waiting - financial troubles. The AP is reporting that Sotomayor owes over $400,000 in personal debt, and I have little doubt that a litany of tax troubles is sure to follow. Sotomayer is an outspoken ally of using empathy over the rule of law as the principle that will guide her, and is also a fan of the unconstitutional practice of invoking the rulings of foreign courts to influence decisions in cases brought before the Justices. I hope Judge Sotomayor goes the way of so many other poorly vetted nominees before her - out the door and into oblivion.

4 - I shot the tooth fairy last night. What was I supposed to do? She broke into my house and was rifling under my pillow. I don't even have a kid! RIP you twisted little spook.

5 - Fox News is reporting the tragic passing of David Carradine. Carradine was my mother's favourite actor, and was known to all as a kind and generous man. Our sympathy and prayers go out to his family.

6 - Have a great weekend, and enjoy the sounds of They Might Be Giants as we head into the land of rest and relaxation.




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