Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Updates and More Updates!

My glue sniffing webmaster, the esteemed Mr. Paul Leger, has added more snappy gadgets to further enhance your conservative libertoid roller coaster experience on my blog. If you can tear your eyes away from this riveting piece of literary prowess, you'll notice that just above the links section there's a link to our new message board. It's quick and easy, like Barney Frank on a Saturday night at the Leather Thong bar, and you can rant and rave and wax philosophical on all things political, or even non-political if you wish. Maybe you really like ferrets, or you think vitamin enhanced drinks are a conspiracy by "big water". Whatever your particular interests are, feel free to log in and have at it - Just don't be a whack job, because I have full moderation control and intend to use it if you start going on about 9/11 Zionist conspiracies.

Now, if you can tear your eye balls away for just one more minute, you'll notice a nifty little counter at the bottom of the archive section. This was added to give us a better idea of how many people are visiting the site. We had to start with an arbitrary number, so we started the counter at 2500, which is well below what we estimated the actual hit number of the site to be. So far we are estimating that about 160 of you wonderfully informed and sexy people are visiting the site every week. Not bad for a half retarded Canadian blogger who takes positions that are contrary to just about everyone else in my beloved country - but we can do better.

Claire has done some fabulous research on President Obama's mess of a health care bill and has crunched some fascinating numbers. She's discovered provisions that would penalize (through heavy taxation) businesses that provide health care coverage acquired through private insurance companies for their employers. How is Obama going to pay for all of this? How else does a Democrat pay for whatever social engineering project that he or she has dreamed up? Go picking the pockets of their favourite bogeyman, "the rich" - but even when you tabulate the revenues generated from taking money that isn't the government's to begin with, it doesn't begin to modestly cover the massive expenditures required.

He even has a provision that calls for the taxing of soft drinks. Better stock up on diet Dr. Pibbs before October, when the POTUS is going to try and sell this puppy to the House. Of more interest is the fact that the administration is none to happy that fellow Democrats refused to play ball and pass this before the summer. Now everyone has a chance to read this monster, and even the usually reliable Presidential lackeys like Paul Krugman are saying it's unworkable.

I am going to try and peck out an article on all the wonderful research that the lovely miss Claire has done on this, but don't hold your breath given my track record.

OK! Is everyone up to speed? Are we all on the same page here?

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