Monday, March 16, 2009

Pimp my Recession!!

Just returned from Boston and the Lovely Miss Claire and I couldn't help but notice the conspicuous absence of all things John Adams. Boston's most famous son is strangely missing from statuary, tours and the local lingo. He was the second President for the love of God! Perhaps he was right when he noted that the mythical interpretation of the founding would forever be ingrained in the public consciousness. As Adams himself once lamented it was as though"...Franklin waved his electric wand and up popped Washington and Jefferson ".

Regardless, I love the city and have been there enough to start noticing little quirks. Boston baked beans are as disgusting as baked beans found in any French Canadian town. No matter how much local pride you have it's not right to put baked beans on nachos. It's a culinary abomination.
Some of the locals near Salem noticed my French Canadian accent and tried to burn me. I reminded them that burning the French is a good start but if they need to have a few frogs around, at least I'm a conservative frog. You never know when you will need a Frenchman.

So what's all this talk about a recession? CNN would have you believe that we are in the middle of an economic apocalypse, and President Obama seems to be enjoying the luxury of changing his mind on a daily basis now that he successfully passed his monstrous 750 billion "stimulus" bill, which in actuality has very little stimulus but lots of juicy pork barrel items straight out of the progressive wish list. Is everyone in a panic? Are jobs being lost by the bucket load and homes going into foreclosure every minute? Maybe, but the reality on the ground seems to be a little cloudier. In our newest feature "pimp my recession", I've asked readers from across the U.S. to tell us what they've been seeing. First at bat is a longtime reader we'll call "Miss D". Here's her take;

"Well, here I am in Salt Lake City and I can honestly, nobody that I see living in tents. And not just in Salt Lake. On the outskirts where I'm working like Sandy, Layton, Murray. There's also not a lot of doom and gloom on the local t.v. channels either as far as jobs being lost or showing people who are having to move out of their homes because they can't make their payments. Now, that MAY be going on............I just haven't seen it myself or heard it reported nor have I had anyone talking about it where I've been.

Even in Houston the economy and real estate is a whole lot better than other states and cities. Sure, we have some people who have lost their jobs and the real estate market is down..........but you'd be hard pressed to believe it just judging by the number of packed restaurants on any given night, or the numbers of people at the museums and the theatres, concert halls and the stores. I do know some people who have lost their jobs because the plants have closed down, but they're not sitting around whining and moaning and waiting for President Gander to get them a job."

Thanks Miss D. Have a good week, and in case you're wondering, that picture up there is of me and the lovely Miss Claire at the Boston Aquarium. Notice my classic "here we go again" eye roll? Just goes to show that there's nothing sweet about me.



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