Monday, March 30, 2009

Burn After Blogging

I have my weigh-in today at Simply For Life, and I'm down another belt loop, so let's hope that my massive Canadian body mass index has gone down again!


1 - It's too early to be blogging. Do I lack good taste and proper sleeping habits? Yes - but that's not the point. I can't sleep for the life of me lately. Well, not exactly lately. It's a problem that has plagued me since childhood, and seems to run on my dear mother's side of the family.

The good doctor and I have seemingly exhausted every measure short of buying audio tapes of back issues of The Public Interest. First, we went the urban legends/old wives tale route. Then came the natural homeopathic tree-hugger route. Now finally, the heavy duty industrial pharmaceutical route. No luck. They even gave me a sleeping pill they give to disruptive inmates IN PRISONS (I'm not joking) - even THAT didn't work. Any suggestions? Boy, am I going to be sorry I asked that last question, but I'm going to be huddled in the corner soon, drawing crazy scribbles on the wall with a permanent marker if I don't get some shut eye.

2 - Saw No Country For Old Men last night. The film left me flat. It's sad that such formidable talents like the Cohen brothers are, if their last films are any indication, falling into meaningless nihilism.

Just like Burn After Reading, the only point the film made was that the world is full of evil or stupid people who seem to lack any logical motivation for their actions. Remember the visual treat of The Hudsucker Proxy, or the wonderfully simple morality tales of Blood Simple, Fargo and The Big Lebowski? They just seem to be revelling in their own cleverness, which is running on short supply as of late.

One great line in Burn After Reading, though, was when Pitt, obviously out of his element, tries to sound like a high level espionage agent and deadpans;

"We have.....your....shit"

3 - A pretty friend of my fiancee and I was offered bacon cookies by a stranger who said he had them in the trunk of his car. She was obviously freaked and high tailed it, but cookies+bacon might equal delicious goodness. On the other hand, cookies+creepy man offering them from the back of his truck probably also equals anal rape and a starring role in an Ann Rule book.

4 - James Bowman has a new book that I just ordered from Amazon called Media Madness, and for those of you who took my suggestion and read and enjoyed Honor, a History, you should really rush out to get this book. Mr. Bowman is the best movie critic out there, and now that he's forayed into the field of book writing, we fans are delighted. James is invaluable to the conservative movement, and as I've said many times on this blog, has such stunning intellect and brain power, he could probably make your head explode just by looking at it! If you don't buy his book...maybe he will.

5- Nah. Mr. Bowman wouldn't do something like that, but I'm sure he's tempted to do it to me with my pestering emails.

6- Have a good weekend and check out this great acoustic version of Sixpence None the Richer's Kiss Me -which I think is the most perfect pop song ever written.



Oh yeah! I forgot to mention - reading Media Madness will trim your waistline by inches and make you the envy of all your supermodel friends.

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