Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Update...Sort Of

Really, unless you're a student, government employee, or someone lucky enough
to still 9 to 5 it up, Dolly Parton style, few of us have a Saturday-Sunday weekend. That said, I can't fathom why I feel obsessed with being so pedantic about posting
weekend updates before Friday. My own "weekend", as I now think the word deserves
quotations, falls on Thursday and Friday, which is actually a Muslim weekend, and almost a
Hebrew one. So Mazoltoff! to all my Jewish readers, and Molotov! to all the Islamo fascists out

I went to a local Irish Eatery, where I had chicken curry smothered on french fries, which
to me, is like slathering Bechamel sauce on cheesecake. Now, I hear in that part
of the world, curry and chips is all the rage, especially in England, where it is not the culinary
abomination that it sounds like. Anyway, the curry was passable, but the mushed concoction
made it feel like East Indian Leprechauns where jumping up and down on my stomach.

Anyway, my weekend, was beset with a slight malaise, topped with a sprinkling of
melancholy, but it went better than this poor schmuck in Thailand who has become
yet another victim of an increasing number of Bizarre elephant tramplings. The poor chap
is quite dead, but happily, the elephant was subdued with bananas. I guess he got so
hungry, he thought smashing someones skull might prove to be a clever way to incorporate
more fruit into his diet. (note that the header for the story reads; "Angry Elephant Stomps
man to Death". Maybe if he had shined up on his happy, he would have had more bananas
to begin with.)

My Girlfriend is still in the big city, and I am anxiously waiting her return in several weeks.
Hopefully she won't come back wearing Prada and lamenting about you just can't get
any decent theatre in the Maritimes. I'm teasing. She's going to be the same girl
I love when she gets back, as she was when she left.


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