Sunday, July 15, 2007

6 Degrees of Separation to No Where

Former Senator, Law And Order star, and potential presidential candidate,
Fred Thompson, is making some on the left very nervous. The Washington Prowler is reporting that the LA Times worked overtime to publish a story trying to link Mr. Thompson to various pro-choice groups, including planned parent hood.

The allegations date back to 1991, when Thompson held an office at the Ardent
Fox Law firm in Washington. The LA times has been feverishly to trying corroborate
implausible story that Thompson had been hired by the National Family Planning
and Reproductive Rights Association.

The reason the LA Times sat on the story for so long is that the ties that
bind Mr. Thompson to the radical organization, come by several degrees of separation.

Thompson only worked in the office, was never a partner, and primarily
worked out his home base in Nashville. What has got the Times grasping
at straws is that the National Family Planning and Reproductive rights director,
Judith Desarno, had a working relationship with Michael Barnes, A former
partner at the firm.

Even more foolish is the fact the same pro-choice organization that the
Times is trying to claim Thompson was hired by, once listed him as
"Anti-choice Enemy No. 1".

The foolish attempt to tie Thompson with the radical pro-abortion group, is
a clear signal that the LA Times, an accurate thermometer of the American Left,
is spooked by the prospect of Thompson's rising popularity in national polling.

Thompson is an eloquent speaker, with a solid conservative voting record, and his
ability to communicate ideas, in a plain, no-nonsense manner will have
enormous appeal to undecideds, conservatives who have felt alienated by
President Bush, and closet, pro-war democrats.

The liberal LA Times has much to fear from a potential Thompson Presidential bid,
and this attempt to undercut his stellar reputation amongst pro-life Republicans will
fail miserably.

The Times would be ill advised to mess with Fred Thompson, but if they

continue to do so, it will a jolly good time to watch them get pimp slapped

into next week.



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