Monday, January 08, 2007


I am by no means a techno-phobe, nor do I suffer from any of the
crippling impairments to modern technology sometimes referred to
as "old fartedness", or "computer-ma-jiggy". I am, however, sometimes
inept when it comes to taking full advantage of all the benefits
that new technology offers. Case in point. The comment function,
which allows my loyal readers to wax philosophical on any of my
blog posts, had been inadvertently turned off since my blog's inception.

There are many reasons why this may have occurred, among them, but
not limited to, the vast quantities of nail polish I sniff at local
pharmacies as an inexpensive form of recreation.

Anyway, if you look just below any of my posts, you'll see the words
"comments". Just click on it and you can comment, rant, or send
a plenary indulgence to a special friend in need of a fast track
to salvation.

Interesting to note that Nancy Pelosi tried to sound like a blue dog democrat
in the opening session of what shall now forever be referred to as our
long descent into the abyss of hell, or the new Democratic controlled
house and senate. Unless a vast majority of the American public violently
smacked their heads trying to jimmy a free can of Fresca out of the pop
machine, it's unlikely that anyone will forget that Mizz Pelosi has voted
for virtually every spending bill, and tax increase that ever came up for
a vote on the floor.

Insiders are predicting that despite all her "Reagan come lately" rhetoric,
she intends to be beholden to the extreme, left-wing, elements of the party.
How extreme you ask? So extreme that sources are saying Charlie Rangell,
has been tasked with the job of reigning her in to the center should she stray off
into Howard Dean's fantasy land of lunacy. Now, for those of you who are
unfamiliar with the inside workings of the democratic party, Pelosi having
to be kept in check by the likes of Charlie Rangell, is a little like having
Mike Tyson keep an eye on Mel Gibson's drinking.

The folks down at NRO will
be keeping an eye on the first 100 days of the new congress. So will I.


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