Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama - The Terrorist Connection

It's here. Election day. The Super bowl for geeks, and my geek flag is flying high. I was going to write a longer piece about those mental deficients we call "swing voters" who have been courted and fawned over by the media for over 3 months now, but I'll make it short and sweet. I always wonder why people who are indecisive and stupid get treated like somber intellectuals by the media. As Jonah Goldberg once said;

"If you wait until the last minute to figure out whom to vote for; if you can't tell the differences between the parties and their candidates (and you're not politically exotic — i.e., an anarchist or a libertarian); if you think voting is like a Chinese menu where you can pick a little from here and a little from there; then the odds are you don't know very much about the political system. You may be a brilliant neurosurgeon, but I know interns who are sharper than you about politics."

He makes a striking point. A lot of my friends have said they were big McCain fans, but have changed their minds recently for a laundry list of reasons I cannot even begin to comprehend. These are two candidates with dramatically different world views. If you are suddenly switching sides and going over to the "The One", it means you've had a life changing epiphany - like a life-long Muslim becoming a Catholic. If a Muslim were to become a Christian, it would mean he came to a realization that all the cherished beliefs he held all his life were wrong. A devout Muslim wouldn't convert because he thinks the local parish priest is "cool" and he believes his Mullah just doesn't seem to be "feeling" the Koran lately. Sadly, it seems some believe that it's just that easy. If that's the case, then you just don't get it and have a simpleton's understanding of politics.

Today is the day Americans are going to make a decision that will effect the country in deep and profound ways. The thought of a President Obama horrifies me. Say goodbye to freedom of speech - many journalists have already paid the price for digging too deep into Obama's past. Say goodbye to the separation of church and state - Obama's religious beliefs called "Black Liberationist Theology" calls for church and state to be as one. He has even alluded to this on the campaign trail. Say goodbye to Supreme Court judges who will interpret the Constitution - Obama will pick judges who will steam roll over the Constitution and create new laws on a whim.
I predict and pray for a McCain win tonight, and given the narrow margins in some of the swing states, I think he may just be able to pull it off. You may think Senator Obama would make a great president. You are wrong. This is not American Idol, or an episode of "The West Wing". This is real life, with grown up consequences.

Recently a tape which Obama has been trying to suppress for over 6 months finally emerged showing him re-assuring Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi that he would be an advocate for the Palestinian cause. Khalidi is a harsh critic of Israel, has made statements supportive of Palestinian terror, and reportedly has worked on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was involved in anti-Western terrorism and was labelled by the State Department as a terror group. Obama received $6000 dollars for his work with Khalidi, a man who believes Jews are the decedents of apes and rats. Oh, did I mention Obama was a board member of Professor Khalidi's organization along with Bill Ayers?

Say a prayer today for Senator McCain and Governor Palin. God knows what Wilsonian horrors await if tomorrow we wake up to a President Obama.

Take care and enjoy the theme from the brilliant mini-series "John Adams" to get you in the mood for election night!



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