Sunday, June 17, 2007

Worst Movie Ever, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

It's father's day, so happy father's day to all the dads,
step-dads, grand dads, and cool cat, daddy-o's. Most
of all, my Dad, who taught me about courtesy, compassion,
and the dignity and value of human life. Thanks Dad.

Watched Children of Men yesterday, which was an
odd way to mark the occasion. It was a self-serving,
skull numbing, lefty piece of drivel. Director Alfanso
Cuaoron took P D James' novel, and destroyed her rather
thoughtful and provocative take on a world facing extinction
after a plague of infertilty, and turns into his own self-absorbed
diatribe against the inequity of Capitalism. In the director's
commentary, the fool even goes so far as to say the brutality
of communism, was far better than the "unfairness" of
Capitalism. Yeah. Communism has been responsible for
the deaths of 110,000,000 innocent people. Capitalism
has been responsible for creating opportunity and hope,
and the means for people like Mr Cuaoron to make his
silly drivel.

Mr Cuaonon's director's comments where so nauseating,
I had to stop watching the bonus features for fear he
would make yet another monumentally stupid statement, or
continue to ramble on about how important his movie was.

Sigh. I feel better.

Happy Father's Day.



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