Thursday, June 14, 2007


Stop the presses. Time to take a break from the news and sit back
and relax from our womb to tomb full-tilt boogie to the rapture.
Anderson Cooper continues the wall to wall coverage with the rest
of the pod people at CNN, over the Paris Hilton revolving door jail
sentence. Cooper is trying to show he is above the fray, by making
it a point to never mention her by name, yet continuing the Paris,
non-stop orgasmo coverage none the less. If Anderson Cooper
had blood, I'm sure he'd be blushing.

Planning on being a home handy man this weekend, and stripping
down the hot-sick wall paper from my fixer upper apartment,
and re-painting. Now, me doing handy work, is like asking
Paris Hilton to conjugate verbs. My bedroom may look like
Courtney Love's hotel room after spending the night
free basing coke, and trying to paint her nails.

We shall see.


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