Saturday, December 01, 2012

Rice-a-Roni - Unfolding

So what was so disturbing about Susan Rice's first meeting with the GOP members of the Senate Committee?  The story arc right now is that she knew what happened in Benghazi but ran with the bogus talking points anyway. Still, what would cause those involved to walk out of the meeting "more shocked than before?" Is that all there is? We knew this - like I know I should get that lump on my neck checked.

So what gives (that's what all the cool kids are saying these days)?

Turns out little miss 1% has hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of dollars tied up in oil, including the Keystone pipeline and over a dozen different Canadian (proven) and possibly other (Iranian) foreign (not yet proven) oil investments.

Major conflict of interest (the title of my upcoming underfunded spy novella).

When Tommy Thompson became HHS secretary in 2004 under President Bush, he had to sell all his stocks and holdings in a down market because the department is so sprawling, everything could have represented a potential conflict of interest. He was even grilled about a fist fight he had in high school during the confirmation process (those dems, sneaky rascals!).

Anyway, these investments should have immediately disqualified her from her current position, and should nix any chance for her to take on the position as Secretary of State.

Watch for this story to unfold, and when dems cry foul, remember Tommy Thompson.



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