Friday, August 13, 2010

The Blog before the Blog

What a week. I know you're all saying "So where's the new blog Joe?" to which I respond, "Oh my God you are the neediest kids!"  No, seriously, you guys are the life blood of this blog and thanks to your dedication and support we will soon be approaching the 10,000 hit mark.

Anyway, a couple of things to touch on before I post the new article.

Ever feel fatigued and stressed? Ever feel like everything aches or find yourself constantly reaching for the Tylenol and you have to pop a couple of Adderall to get that "ready to go" buzz in the morning? Did you ever wish there was some kind of profession that specialized in alleviating pain, the inducement of relaxation and the promotion of good health? Well hey! Turns out there is! It's called massage therapy, and you can't be callin' it a massage unless it's done by a licensed, certified professional with years of experience.

Just like you you wouldn't go anywhere else but TSH for the latest in razor sharp, political commentary, I wouldn't go anywhere else for a massage unless it was done by Amanda at Scroll Tree Massage and Bodyworks. Scroll Tree promotes; "...a holistic approach to health care that's aimed at treating physical ailments and maintaining a pain-free lifestyle."  So click on the link above, check out their website and book an appointment today! For the record, though TSH fully endorses Scroll Tree, neither Amanda or Scroll tree necessarily endorse this blog or the views expressed here.

On to other business....

Since the blog went live again, lots of people have been asking why there hasn't been as many updates as in the past. Well, first off, I'm a notoriously lazy asshole, I mean, things have been very hectic.

I mentioned several months ago that my mother has been battling an aggressive cancer in an advanced stage. This has been a very trying time for my family with lots of oncologist appointments, rounds of chemo, and watching my brave mom battling the unpleasant side effects that come with all of the above.

I'm happy to report that we recently received news that her chemotherapy, against all odds, is working. Mom is getting healthier, and my family thanks all of you for your prayers and kind words and we ask that you continue praying. This is a miracle that would not have been possible without the wonders of modern medicine and the power of so much prayer and love.  Thank you to everyone.

New blog will be up soon! Hang tight!



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