Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some Scraps for the Masses

(I am currently pecking away at a review of "The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford. It should be done today, but here's a little something while you wait).

Hello dear readers. I am anxiously picking out a hiding spot downstairs to wait for Jesus to come down the chimney with toys tonight. Please, don't take offence. I was just reflecting on how yesterday, Good Friday, seemed to lack any of the solemnity it once held. Some people I know seemed completely oblivious that it was Easter weekend. "It's just another day to me", as many are fond of saying these days during once widely practiced observances. Sad.

I remember, when I was a kid, school ended at noon on Good Friday. We would hurry home and watch the Ten Commandments or Jesus of Nazareth, but not until we had attended Good Friday services. I remember the Cross and other statuary of the church being draped in purple, and the reverence and respect the priest showed during the occasion. None of these bizarre infomercial-like sermons Catholic priests are becoming more and more fond of.

And, of course, there was the dying of the eggs. I remember Dad used to fill 10 cups with clear water and vinegar and drop a different color tablet in each one, then dip the boiled eggs in by use of some metal hook. After they had dried, my brother and I had free reign to plaster the eggs with these minuscule stickers that came in the package. Ok, enough of that before I start rambling on about walking to school in 10 miles of snow wearing nothing but beaver pelts.

Looks like the passport security breach scandal that Senator Obama had hoped would be the last chink in the armour of the HMS Hillary turned out to be nothing more that a few harmless newbies at the State Department that got a little too nosey and checked the passport records of all the respective presidential candidates. Now, I don't like the thought of the Government rifling through my personal business, but what I like even less is the onslaught of media hyperventilation about whether "this can happen to you". Really, do you actually care if some snot nosed bureaucrat who doesn't know you hauls up your file and sees you went to New Zealand 5 years ago because he's bored? Do you think you're so important that the Government is checking into your traveling habits?

Anyway, I've got a movie review to write, so Happy Easter, and God Bless.



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