Monday, October 01, 2007

Driving Miss Crazy

Tomorrow I'm going for my drivers test. My beginner's license, which means
should I pass the Provincial Government's written test, I will have my class
7.1 licence, permitting me to drive whilst in the company of another passenger
with a valid driver's licence for the period of one year, at which point, I
will take the next step of attempting to pass final the driver's exam.

Now you may ask; "How come you're 34 and don't have your license?
Are you retarded, lazy, or both?" To which I would respond, yes, yes,
and absolutely. Really, considering I was perpetually drunk for a large
portion of my life, I'm grateful that I was never careening wildly behind
the wheel of a motor vehicle, 3 sheets to the wind, blasting Eva Cassidy
CD's and whooping like a banshee.
Anyway, am I dreaming, or did I hear something on the Situation
Room regarding Russian bomber jets violating US air space multiple
times today? I was passing by a TV set at work, and I'm sure that's
what I heard Wolf Blitzer saying, but I can't be sure. I tried to check
all the major network news websites, but apparently Britney Spears custody
woes are of more pressing concern to national security. If the story
is true, this is an extremely foreboding incident. Ex-KGB honcho
and current Russian President Vladimir Putin has been slowly turning
back the clock to the days of the Gulag and violent crack downs on dissidents
(some of this is happening already). If you know anything, post a comment
or email me so I can do some follow up on the blog.

Happy hunting, and after 10 tomorrow, stay off streets, sidewalks,
parking lots, and your front lawn. I'm going to be driving for the first
time in 34 years. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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