Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lost in Virginia

On Monday, Cho Seung-Hui, a 23 year old senior
majoring in English, armed with a 9 mm and
a .22-caliber handgun, murdered 32 students
on the Virgina Tech Campus, before turning the
gun on himself. The media has already begun a
veritable feeding frenzy, barely able to restrain
their explosive post-Anna Nicole Smith glee.
Armed with microphones and very important
hair, on the spot correspondents were
in full tilt boogie mode into the wee hours of the
morning, speculating on the unknowns, and
trotting out a cornucopia of self-proclaimed
"campus security experts", who
assured us that, had they been at the helm of the doomed ship Virginia Tech, things
would have been very different. Protocols would have followed, the campus would have
shut down, and even text messages would have been sent to the students en mass, warning
them that an unknown gunman was on the verge of a full scale rampage.

Baloney. No security protocol, even one involving the combined police forces of the
entire state of Virginia could have succeeded in preventing this horrific incident, and
to have the arrogance to presume otherwise, is at best, naive, and worst, disingenuous
self aggrandizing.

Jack Dunphy, the pseudonym of the hard nose LAPD columnist opined as much on the
pages of NRO, where he wrote;

"There are evil people in the world, and no amount of laws will make them any
less so.There may be a level of security that would deter a suicidal maniac from
carrying out the kind of horrors seen on the Virginia Tech campus Monday morning,
but I doubt anyone would want to attend the school that implemented it. "



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