Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Double Dutch Doobies

Say you worked at the peanut butter cup factory and one day, while eating
in the cafeteria, you saw a sign that said "This is a peanut free zone". You
would probably think, if you allow the pun, that the folks in HR had gone
a little "nutty". Well, it appears the Danish authorities have been smoking
far too much of what their laws freely allow.

The Dutch Health Ministry, in their infinite Rastafarian wisdom, has
banned the smoking of tobacco products in marijuana bars. That's correct. You
can light up a fat doobie, suck on a bong all afternoon, or do hot knives
over a bowl of hutsput, but you can incur the wrath of the Dutch authorities if
you dare light up a Marlboro.

Wouldn't everyone just be too stoned too care? What would your excuse be?

"Honestly officer, these cigarettes are for personal use, I swear I only smoke weed"


Joe Camel

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