Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's The New Math Baby!!

Were Wolf Blitzer and the gang of pod people at CNN too busy fantasizing about what their teacher would look like spread-eagled in peanut oil during grade 3 math that they couldn't figure out that 135,000 provisional ballots couldn't close a 165,000 vote gap in Ohio? Even the Count from Sesame Street had it figured out before 3am on election night, and he's a puppet with a hand up his ass - just like Barney Frank. Even I had it figured out, and I'm a half retarded Canadian, and no one has their hand up my ass unless I'm getting a prostate exam.




Paula said...

I find that hard to believe!!!

gojoe150 said...

Paula, curious, and erudite as
your comment is, could you please
expound further

Anonymous said...

Well Gojo I have trouble comprehending who has more of a protrusion up the wazoo... the Puppet the half retarded Canadian or the one who thinks that politics should have some ryme or reason. bUT A MORE IMPORTANT INQUIRY COMES TO MIND AS I THINK OF WHO HAS THEIR HAND UP MY WAZOOO. who has more freedom? Is it the half retarded Canadian who knows that he is half retarded (or atleast knows something is wrong with himself...or the system perhaps). Is it the Count who knows he has a hand up his ass and knows his days are numbered? Or the one who is illusioned with gradeur of rhyme, and reason and finds a skitzophrenic seething from his inner cavities of how life demands fairness and restitution and wakes up with a disposition of baby bear with a broken chair, an empty belly, and probably someone elses pee in his bed.