Monday, April 19, 2004

AL Franken Is A Big Fat Idiot

Looks like Air America, the left's "alternative" to conservative talk radio, has come crashing to the ground. After less than a month, the network is already off the air in New York and LA, after bouncing checks for rented air space. The network issued a two-pronged response; First, they called the man they screwed out of his money, Arthur Liu, a "Liu-ser" (Wow!! It's now ok for liberals to make fun of Asian names!!); Second, they defended the station by blaming it all on the "right-wing media".

"What they don't want to tell you," claims the station's web site, "is that we're still on the air in Portland." WOW!! Portland! The holy grail of broadcasting. Who cares if you lose the two largest markets in North America, as long as you're on the air in Portland!!